Based on existing executed wells in the area Baloteşti and the hydrogeological parameters measured at the probe prospecting well 2684 executed in the perimeter Baloteşti (which will become an exploitation well), we will get the following hydrogeological results:
• flow: Q = 90 m3/h
• wellhead temperature: T = 80 °C
• dynamic level: Nd = 85 ÷ 90 m
By exploiting the well to be utilized, we will get a contribution of heat as in the table below:

Considering a system work of 4,620 h/year, we can calculate the production capacity of the investment. The production capacity of the investment out of a renewable energy source, namely out of the exploitation and utilization of geothermal water, will be 13,540.1 MW/year. If this capacity will be fully utilized, it will lead to a reduction of CO2 emissions with 2,611 t/year.