Oradea University

The project consists in the operation of the well 4796 of the Oradea University with an additional flow of 12 l/s to be transported to the thermal unit PT902, where heat will be prepared in order to be distributed to the consumers connected to the thermal unit. The amount of heat delivered for heating will be 2,000 Gcal/year. With the aim of maintaining the reservoir pressure, an injection well was dug to a depth of 2,900 m, in which the used geothermal water extracted from the production well 4796 will be injected. The project will be completed in autumn 2016.
In order to exploit the geothermal water, the production of the well 4796 represents 43% of the volume extracted in Oradea perimeter. The well 4796 is one equipped with a pump with vertical axis, producing a maximum flow of 45 l/s while pumping, with geothermal water at a temperature of 86 °C. The CO2 emission reductions will therefor summarize 2,417.47 t/year.